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A Word If You Please – Chapter 10

After reporting the day’s events to the police, the four friends and Serge gathered at Trilby’s place in Pyrmont. Hamish brought pizza. Bonnie brought ice cream. Trilby, Luka, and Serge brought their stories, which they told with just a little embellishment. After an hour or so of swapping perspectives, everyone was yawning.

“The police will be working on this all night,” said Trilby. “We gave them a lot to process.”

“I’m off,” contributed Bonnie. “Need a lift, Hamish?”

“Never say no to a ride in a Lotus. Sleep tight, folks.”

The remaining three looked at each other, each noticing their companions’ pale faces. “It’s late,” remarked Trilby. “Would you both like to crash here for the night?”

Hamish and Serge were both nodding agreement when the phone rang. Trilby picked it up and listened. Police, she mouthed.

“They’ve arrested James Amity,” she reported when she put the phone down. “Not Buddy. They haven’t tracked him down yet.”

Hamish yawned. “The cops will work on it while we sleep. Loose ends are their speciality.”

“I’ll take you up on that offer to crash here tonight,” said Serge. “The last two days were a bit gnarly. Good to relax at last.”

“It’s not over yet,” said Trilby.