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Trilby Trench now available in Kindle and paperback

The first Trilby Trench book, A Word If You Please, is now available on as a Kindle ebook (USD $3.11) and in paperback form (USD $6.99). You can get them at the following link:

The book remains on the Trilby Trench site, online and free of charge. If you’ve already read the book and would like to add a book review on, that’d be awesome!

It’s been interesting for me as author, to publish the book first in serial form on the Trilby Trench site. In fact, I may write a blog post about that sometime soon. What’s the experience been like for you as reader, what are the good aspects of reading a book in serial form, what are the not-so-good aspects?

I’ve had fun creating Trilby Trench and friends. There’s another book of her adventures brewing. At the moment, it exists as a stream of events in my head and a set of notes on a page. I do know already what the title is… 🙂

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