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Let me introduce you to Trilby Trench, action hero and technical writer.

In her own words:

I’m Trilby Trench.
As in the hat, the coat.

The role of a technical writer is more exciting than you’d think. Sometimes things get physical. Trilby has always been lucky in a fight. Or perhaps it’s skill rather than luck. As every technical writer knows, you need to do something yourself before you can write the manual. Trilby has written a variety of manuals.

The first account of the Trilby Trench adventures is out! Try A Word If You Please.

Comments to share?

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A Word If You Please is also available on as a Kindle ebook (USD $3.11) and in paperback form (USD $6.99). The book remains on the Trilby Trench site, free of charge. If you’ve already read the book and would like to add a book review on, that’d be awesome!

Happy reading!
Sarah Maddox