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Trilby Trench now available in Kindle and paperback

The first Trilby Trench book, A Word If You Please, is now available on as a Kindle ebook (USD $3.11) and in paperback form (USD $6.99). You can get them at the following link:

The book remains on the Trilby Trench site, online and free of charge. If you’ve already read the book and would like to add a book review on, that’d be awesome!

It’s been interesting for me as author, to publish the book first in serial form on the Trilby Trench site. In fact, I may write a blog post about that sometime soon. What’s the experience been like for you as reader, what are the good aspects of reading a book in serial form, what are the not-so-good aspects?

I’ve had fun creating Trilby Trench and friends. There’s another book of her adventures brewing. At the moment, it exists as a stream of events in my head and a set of notes on a page. I do know already what the title is… 🙂

Chapter 8 – Luka is getting warm

I’ve just published chapter 8 of Trilby Trench’s first adventure, A Word If You Please. Luka is on the trail. Will he find Trilby before something worse happens to her and Serge?

As I pen these words, I’m in Windsor at the end of my trip to the UK. I’ll hop on a couple of planes tomorrow, wending my way back to Sydney. While I’m in the air, I hope you enjoy reading chapter 8 of A Word If You Please.

Chapter 7 – Trilby scrapes her knees

Chapter 7 of A Word If You Please is out! When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

I’m writing this from a big old Victorian house near Greenwich, London, on a sultry summer day. It’s almost like being back in Sydney with Trilby Trench, in the dead heat of March. What do you think of Trilby’s latest escapade, and of her fellow adventurer Serge? Read chapter 7 to find out.

Fixed a glitch in email subscriptions

Hallo all

People who’ve subscribed to email notifications haven’t been getting a notification when I publish a new post. I’ve fixed this problem now – I think! This post is both a notification that the problem is fixed, and a test of the same fix. Meta!

The issue was that the server’s notification settings depend on the category of the post. The available post categories are currently “New chapter”, “Random”, and “Uncategorized”. When I first set up the server, only the “Uncategorized” category existed. I added the other two, but didn’t realise the notification settings are based on post category too.

My apologies for the glitch!

What’s happened to Trilby in the meantime?

Chapter 3 is very very short

Has our hero, Trilby Trench, recovered from the knock on the head that Buddy finally managed to deliver?

> Read chapter 3 to find out. Or catch up on all the chapters here: A Word If You Please

At this stage, you may be wondering how many chapters there are in this story. The answer is…

> Eleven.

Are any of the remaining eight as short as chapter 3?

> No. 🙂

Is it fair to post a chapter that’s as short as chapter 3?

> That’s a good question. What do you think?